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Part Time Law Schools

Class Location: The Internet.

Description: This course is designed to teach you all about part time law school so you can decide whether it's right for you.

Objective: Find out whether part time law school will fit your goals.

When deciding whether a part-time law school program is right for you, itís important to consider all the pros and cons. Then, depending on your needs and abilities, you can determine whether going to law school part-time is a viable option.

A part-time program can provide a number of benefits. Most of these programs offer evening classes. So you can work on your law degree while still working during the day or taking care of a family. Part-time programs may also be more affordable, since youíre spreading the tuition costs over a longer period of time. These programs may appeal to older applicants, since they often put more emphasis on work experience and accomplishments than they do on grades and LSAT scores.

However, if you enroll in a part-time program, youíre making a huge time commitment, especially if youíre still working full-time. Youíre essentially giving up any free time, as youíll be working during the day, taking classes in the evenings, and studying all weekend. You may be better off just biting the bullet and committing to a full-time program that you can finish in three years. Part-time programs also may not offer many of the opportunities available to full-time students, such as internships and law clinics.

Another important consideration when looking at part-time programs is that most of the top law schools offer only full-time programs. Only a handful of the elite law schools accept part-time students. However, if going to law school part-time is the best option for you, there are still a number of reputable programs available. Several of the top schools offer part-time programs, as do other reputable law schools in cities where the best schools accept only full-time students. Some schools that offer good part-time programs are Brooklyn Law School, Fordham University, George Mason University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Loyola Law School, and Temple University.

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